by Angela Nashed

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Sugar, I hope you like it


Sugar I

Sugar I, Sugar I, Sugar I
See I’m trying to understand,
Who you are and who I am
Been a while’s away (ooo yea)

Sugar I, sugar I, Sugar I
See it’s been a bit of time,
But it’s coming along just fine (ooo yeah)

Verse 1
And it wasn’t you to blame,
And it wasn’t me to blame,
And if it’s all the same,
Then that was my only mistake

We took our turns,
You tried and I tried
Paralyzed by our own demise
I thought it wouldn't work, in fact I was so sure,
But somehow to my surprise

Ba ba da bi ba ba ba (x2)
(echo with horn)


Verse 2
Sugar I
It’s been a while
Didn’t think it would
Didn’t think you would
You’d come around
It’d come around
Didn’t think cause
It wasn’t alright for me
it took me some time
took me some time
took me some time
but I was glad for it
it wasn’t alright and
it took me some time but
yea yea


Verse 3:
What were you thinking
What did you say when it was
you going through this each day after day
What advice did you give, and which did you take
living through this each day after day after day after day
What did you say, did you break? yes I break, I broke,
yes break each day everytime we spoke
But I paced, I paced, I paced
ooo ooo ooo oooo

The light was bright, burnt my eyes, scortched them real tight,
Thought it best to keep them shut until it dimmed slight

It’s been a while/and
I tried the why question
Tried the why answer
It didn’t work and
I didn’t know
I didn’t mean
I didn’t feel like
The words wouldn’t come to me
And I wanted to,
Wanted to, to
Be there for you
But it was so hard for me
It wasn’t alright
It took me some time
It took me some time but
it came around for me


released October 12, 2012
Written by Angela Nashed
Produced by Angela Nashed and Vid Cousins
Arranged by Angela Nashed and Vid Cousins
Horns played by Luigi Allemano
Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Reid and Brian D'Oliveira



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Angela Nashed Montréal, Québec

Angela's sound synthesizes a brightness and sense of awakening, confusing your sense of time and making you feel like you’re experiencing the past and the future simultaneously. Her vocals, rhythmic and sweet, are balanced by a heaviness of introspection, all stemming from the many sounds she has been hearing in her head. She now knows, in a studio, all make sense. ... more

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